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PerkinElmer Operetta

PerkinElmer Operetta


The Operetta®  is a high throughput microplate imager for high-content analysis (HCA). It can acquire, analyze and manage fluorescence, brightfield and digital phase contrast images. The combination of high power LED excitation with fast, precise mechanics and one large format sCMOS camera enables fast imaging. Controlled by Harmony™ software it offers a seamless workflow, for reliable discrimination of phenotypes even in complex cellular models.

Sartorius Incucyte S3

Sartorius Incucyte S3

  • Live Cell Imaging

  • Cell proliferation and cell cycle arrest monitoring

  • Fluorescent reporter gene analysis

  • Phagocytosis co-culture assays

  • Phase, red, and green image capability



  • HiBiT and Cell Titer Glo (Luminescence)​
  • CyQuant and reporter gene detection (Fluorescence)​
  • Fluorescence Polarization and chromogenic assays​
  • NanoBRET, HTRF, and AlphaLISA

PerkinElmer EnVision

  • HiBiT and Cell Titer Glo (Luminescence)​

  • CyQuant and reporter gene detection (Fluorescence)​

  • Fluorescence Polarization and chromogenic assays​

  • NanoBRET, HTRF, and AlphaLISA​

PerkinElmer EnVision
Jess Protein SImple_edited.jpg

Protein Simple (JESS) Western

  • Cell line and tissue homogenate target analysis​

  • Multiplex and total protein normalization​

  • Chemiluminescent and NIR/IR sample detection ​

  • Linear detection for quantitative data analysis​

Protein Simple (Jess) Western

Roche Lightcycler 480 II

The LightCycler® 480 II is a versatile, plate-based real-time PCR device that supports mono- or multicolor applications as well as multiplex protocols. It is a high-performance, medium- to high-throughput PCR platform (96- or 384-well plates) that provides various methods for gene detection, gene expression analysis, genetic variation analysis, and array data validation.

Roche Lightcycler 480 II
NanoTemper_Monolith 400x400.jpg

NanoTemper Monolith

  • Measures broad range of binding affinities, in-solution, with very little sample, using MST technology

  • Binding, competition, ternary binding assays

  • Works well with difficult to characterize samples like membrane proteins, PROTACs, nucleic acids, virus particles, etc.

  • Alternative / complementary to SPR

NanoTemper Monolith

Liquid Handlers & Automation

  • Compound Stamping and Cherry Picking

  • 96w and 384w Assay Ready Plate and Daughter Plate Creation

  • Automated Serial Dilutions

  • Bulk Reagent and Cell Dispensing

  • Low Volume Dispensing

  • Fully Automated Assay Workstations

Liquid Handlers
BD CytoFLEX-S.png

CytoFLEX S Flow Cytometer

The CytoFLEX S Flow Cytometer offers high sensitivity and resolution, enabling the precise analysis of cellular populations, even those low in abundance.  The instrument’s large dynamic range allows researchers to resolve dim and bright populations within the same sample. Equipped with 4 lasers and 13 fluorescent detectors, this system offers unparalleled flexibility and multiparametric capabilities, allowing for comprehensive cell characterization.

CytoFLEX S Flow
MESO Quickplex SQ 120.png

MESO Quickplex SQ 120MM

The MESO QuickPlex® SQ 120MM is MesoScale’s most versatile instrument. This compact system has been engineered for reliability and ease of use with commercially available singleplex and multiplex biomarker kits or user-developed assays. The combination of rapid read times and the ability to perform multiple, simultaneous tests on a single sample increases productivity, saves sample, and delivers results quickly.

Meso Quickplex SQ 120mm

NanoTemper Tycho NT.6  

The Tycho NT.6 system by NanoTemper Technologies offers a streamlined solution for protein stability analysis. With its NanoDSF technology, Tycho NT6 empowers scientists to quickly assess protein stability and aggregation propensity, facilitating crucial decisions in protein engineering, formulation development, and quality control. Its intuitive workflow, requiring minimal sample volume, makes it ideal for high-throughput applications, saving time and resources. Whether characterizing biopharmaceuticals, studying protein-protein interactions, or optimizing experimental conditions, Tycho NT6 provides invaluable insights with unmatched efficiency in the field of protein science.

NanoTemper Tycho NT.6

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